First off, thank you for visiting and welcome to our site! My name is Michelle Burdo and I started Burdo Media Group in 2012. Our mission is to help people look good and sound good on camera. Here’s how it all started:

I was a television news anchor and reporter for nearly 15 years. I navigated my journalism career across several Florida television news markets before landing my dream job as a morning anchor in Atlanta. I fulfilled my broadcast goals, but something continued to tug at me. I knew I was destined to do more than wake up at 2:15am everyday and deliver the news. I wanted to create, emote, and directly help people. That’s when my first iteration of Burdo Media Group was born.

In 2012, I realized there was a specific need in the market. I interviewed countless entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, executives, and politicians and one trend appeared throughout. Most didn’t know the nuances of a television interview. What do I say, Where do I look, How should I stand? …and that’s just the beginning. 

They also didn’t know how easy it was to get on TV…and that it’s ABSOLUTELY free. All you have to do is put yourself out there with a good story pitch. That’s when our webinar courses and online consultations began.

Now fast forward to 2016 and we know video is king! If you’re not using video for your business you’re missing out on millions of potential customers. So, you guessed it, we can help you with that too!

Thanks for visiting and listening to our journey. Need a media service not listed? Message us and we’ll see if we can help!