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POP QUIZ! How do you get a symmetrical look on camera?

If you follow my posts, you likely know I’m a journalism professor and I often give my college students pop quizzes. They hate me for it, but you know what…they learn from their mistakes and never make the same one twice. So in honor of them, I give you today’s pop quiz! WOOHOO!  It’s actually […]

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Three fastest growing video trends for your business

Do you know the THREE FASTEST growing video trends that can help promote your business?  Live Facebook video 360 video Snapchat and Instagram stories  This week we have a special guest. We were lucky enough to have University of Maryland journalism professor Josh Davidsburg and one of his best pieces of advice is at the […]

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How to Write a Script that Sells

  Guys-you have to see this. It’s one of my favorite tidbits. Are you spending time and money on videos and getting NO RESULTS!?  No sign ups, no opt-ins, no sales…NOTHING. Watch this video to see how to write a script that sells. 

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