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Three Questions a Reporter Will Ask You

You have your first media interview. Congratulations! An even bigger congratulations if you booked yourself on a media program using my media pitching guide.  Now it’s time to be camera ready and this video is a great place to start.  Here are three questions the reporter WILL ask you! Get your answers together now, before […]

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Should You Say ‘Yes’ to that Big Conference?

Presenting or attending a business conference this fall?   Do you know the ONE question you should ask before saying YES to an event?   Here is a nugget that will help your business exponentially. Ask the organizer for a roster of attendees . …then dig in and do your homework.   Watch the whole […]

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Hurricane Irma: Should I have business insurance?

Hurricane Irma. What a crazy storm.  We weren’t sure whether to leave Orlando or stay put.  After stocking up with tons of supplies, I made a gut decision Saturday afternoon to leave it all and book it.  We had 12 adults, three toddlers, six dogs, and two cats caravan to Georgia. Thank goodness I have understanding […]

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