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Beware of this Newbie Mistake

Media Tip: Teaching the ins/outs of interviewing in these photos.

Remember if you are an interview subject DO NOT take the microphone from the reporter.

Likewise, reporters-don’t give up control of your microphone! Newbie mistake.

Can you share a newbie mistake from your field of interest? I’m sure accountants are screaming: SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS right about this time of year.

What’s a rookie mistake from your field?


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What We Can Learn from President Trump’s State of the Union Address

This article is NOT about politics. 

It’s about the words we say and how we say them. 

President Trump (and his speechwriters) used some key messaging fundamentals during his first State of the Union address. Let’s analyze the takeaways and how we can incorporate those ideas into our own media messaging. And before we move on, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the elephant in the room. 

I get it. People hate Trump. People love Trump. For this article, we’re not dissecting right from wrong, but simply the media messages that can be gleaned from a State of the Union address.

The lessons:

Use Storytelling in our Messaging: I know the term storytelling is overused. Using real people to drive home an idea, policy, or pending vote is nothing new. But man, the people who were brought to the forefront during the SOTU had POWERFUL stories. I cried when Otto Warmer’s parents stood up. The pain and agony in their faces spoke volumes to me as a parent. In 2016 their son was convicted of a crime in North Korea and he was so badly beaten and abused, he died just days after returning to the United States. Their story evoked emotion for me and was a ‘moment’ in a nearly 90 minute speech.

The North Korean deflector that triumphantly raised his wooden crutches up for all to see was another ‘moment’ where emotion took over policy-rhetoric.  A train ran over Ji Seong-ho’s legs and after being tortured by the North Korean regime, he was able to use his crutches to escape. His story reminds us of how lucky we are to be Americans and how dangerous that nuclear regime is from afar.

These stories, and so many more from that night, are how we connect with one another.  

So I challenge you to look at your company’s storytelling and ask yourself if you are evoking emotion with your pieces. If you’re not, it’s time to reassess to make sure you are connecting with your audience. 

Any company can accomplish this. Rheem is one of my clients. They sell water heaters, A/C units, etc. That’s not sexy. BUT if we switch our thinking and suggest their product is comfort and convenience vs. heaters than we’re moving in the right direction. Now we can tell stories about families falling asleep in their cozy beds or how the company helped families after natural disasters.

Evoking emotion makes your company memorable.

Unify and Uplift : Keeping with our emotions theme, it’s important to recognize being uplifting and unifying is a tactic that will serve you and your company well. In this context, a president is expected  to unify our nation during a SOTU. Companies can use this strategy as well and highlight positive stories that unify and uplift their audience. For instance, if you are in charge of communications for Department of Transportation, you’d want to focus on how many lives will change with an expansion project vs. how long commuters will be entangled in construction delays. 

Bottom line: Evoke emotion, unify, and uplift your audience and you will be the brand that becomes most memorable in their time of need. 


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How to Develop an Editorial Calendar

Welcome back to your first full work week of 2018! 

Are you organizing your editorial calendar for your business? In this week’s video I discuss a strategy I learned from my journalism days. 

When you’re developing your editorial calendar for this year, try to mimic a news/media calendar to get more legs/momentum for your ideas. Then when trending topics pop up in the news, make sure you put out additional content surrounding that topic. This two prong approach will get a TV producer/booker’s attention.

I explain it more in this video by using a wonderful clock analogy.

What do you think? Will you rearrange or rethink your 2018 calendar?

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