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Three things you need to do BEFORE your next presentation

Look at this face! This week, we’re talking about the three things you need to do BEFORE your next presentation. Of course, that leads me to the story behind this smile.   Could that smile get any bigger? This smile exudes confidence, poise, and credibility. But let me be the first to tell you, we did NOT start out […]

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How to Give an Effective Speech/Presentation

We’ve all been there. You’re about to walk into the center of the room and you feel your heart pounding in your mouth! Nerves can kill a presentation. Not just because you’ll be fidgeting, but you’ll also be throwing the words “um” and “like” all around to kill the dead air. Guess what-it’s ok to […]

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Stop. Drop. Dream.

Yesterday I posted this statement on Facebook and Twitter:¬†Stop. Drop. Dream. If you don’t like where you are in life, stop-drop what you’re doing-and dream about what will fulfill you! Then DO IT! It got so much traction that it prompted me to change my own plans. I happen to be a guest speaker at […]

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