Three things you need to do BEFORE your next presentation

Look at this face!

This week, we’re talking about the three things you need to do BEFORE your next presentation. Of course, that leads me to the story behind this smile.


Could that smile get any bigger? This smile exudes confidence, poise, and credibility. But let me be the first to tell you, we did NOT start out this way. 

Let’s rewind three months when Shelley Easter, web designer extraordinaire, called me to say she was asked to present at a business conference. It’s fair to say Shelley was ANXIOUS, confused, and didn’t know where to start. 

After some yoga breathing and a good old fashioned Burdo ‘verbal hug’, we took the leap into presentation training. 

We hopped onto a Zoom chat for an hour each week for three months. We started from scratch…that’s the nice way of saying a blank Word document…and honed the content, visuals, and delivery.

I’m proud to say this smile was the end result. This was Shelley BEFORE she got on stage to speak! How’s that for being comfortable, confident, and credible! 

Click on the link below and check out how Shelley feels about presentation training in her own words. 

Three things to do BEFORE your next presentation:

Here are three things to remember when you’re starting out offering presentations of your original content:

1. Write out your marketing material first: Specifically, what are the takeaways? This way your deliverables are front and center in your mind. Added bonus it adds structure to your speech. Your three takeaways should be the three bullet points, or the body, of your speech

2. Create awesome visuals:  Don’t shoot the messenger but: Visuals should not be a clutch for you the presenter. Its purpose is to not be a glorified note pad. Rather, visuals should enhance your message. Don’t bog down your slides with text/bullet points. You should know them, you’re the presenter.  This leads me to …

3. Know your key messages: Sounds obvious but you MUST know your key message before you deliver your speech. How many times have you gotten into a tiff, and you say, “DARN! I should’ve thought to say that in the heat of the moment!” Same things goes with presentations. Know your key message before you begin. What is the one thing you want your audience to takeaway from your time together? You need to know how to deliver that message throughout your speech, because there are no do-overs after you leave the stage. 

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